Thursday, December 30, 2010

A New Year

Lately I've been thinking about New Year's Resolutions. Thinking of ALL the things I want for this year of 2011 and thinking of all the things I want to change. Then I question myself WHY??? Why do we make them? It's as if it's a magical date of January 1st in the new year and our life is gonna change from the year before.

Don't get me wrong I love lists and goals and having hope that things can be better, will be better and new. I reflect on this past year and all it was. A lot of heartache, struggle, loneliness, confusion, fear, stress, anxiety, sickness....I think you get the point. But in that same year there was joy, happiness, love, growth, maturity, faith, grace, family and health. Isn't that how every year is.

It's interesting how no matter what, every year will bring both. The good and the bad. The ups and the downs. The trials and triumphs. The hurt and the love. I wonder what this year will bring.

I do love the hope that the New Year gives us. A fresh start. I think it's the hope that we need, hope that motivates us. Hope that our finances will be restored, hope for that new job, hope for God's guidance in our lives, hope for children, for our marriages to be renewed, friendships to be made, friendships to be healed, hope to forgive and be forgiven, and hope to be healed and healthy.

So with all of that said I will make my New Year's Resolutions. I will find hope in this year to come. I will pray that in the times that are burdensome and not as planned, that God will carry me through as he has in years past. I will look forward to the new joys and adventures to come in 2011. I will close the door on the hurts, upsets and let downs of 2010 but bring the growth, maturity and lessons learned to 2011.

What do you hope for? What New Year's Resolutions do you have?

Happy 2011!!!

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Friday, November 5, 2010


The Big 8

The other night Kev and I were talking about how our 8 year anniversary is coming up in January. We thought about what we could do and reminisced of things we have done the previous 7 years.
I started writing down each year and Kev was literally telling me the details of ALL 7 years!!! What a good hubby! I honestly couldn't remember!! Bad wife! Haha!
We noticed a trend of places we go or things we do. Every year except one (super pregnant with Emma and NO money) we have stayed the night away from home.

We have a little secret to our anniversary that I thought I would share with you...We make each year a BIG deal no matter what year it is. We don't do lavish gifts but we do like to stay the night away from home, do a nice dinner and then something fun! We celebrate that we have survived another year of marriage together! Marriage is work. We feel that in this world where the norm is divorce rather then Till death do we part, we make it a BIG deal. We don't celebrate with our kids or with others, just him and I and I and him. It is easy to get busy BUT every year we have truly celebrated our anniversary and made it a BIG deal. I look forward to the many more years with him and looking back in the little notebook with the details of all past anniversaries!!
Love you Kev!!
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My Wanna-Be Pantry

The Before...

The Process-

The After-

(still need to organize the top shelf)

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


See if it works this time :)

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

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Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes">

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This bike is awesome!!! Check it out.

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes">Madsen bikes

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Tis the Season...

Tis the season of runny noses, coughing, fevers and puking!!!

I'm determined to boost our immune systems. Here is what we are using.

Kids Remedy- Probiotics, Elderberry lozenges and Vitamin D drops.

Hubs and I- probiotics and elderberry capsules

Wash it down with ice cold H2O!!! We are enjoying our Italian Glass Water Bottles- Eco friendly!

Happy season...what remedies work in your home?

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Thursday, September 9, 2010


I'm so tired but having a hard time falling asleep.

We are on a little journey right now with our little Wyatt.

Some back ground info on what is going on...Friday night he went to bed as he always does. He woke up screaming. Didn't seem too odd to me because he is getting two molars right now. I went to get him and he was laying down in his crib...kinda odd because usually he is standing up waiting for one of us to get him.

I pick him up and take him downstairs. He is wanting to get down so I put him down and he falls to the ground. (he's 14.5 months old and has been walking since 12.5-13 months old) I help him back up and as he's trying to take steps he just keeps falling to the ground. He is now getting frustrated. I hold him for a few minutes and put him back down. We do this several times and he continues to get more steady on his feet. But his walking is completely off.

The best way to explain it is a very "drunken walk" as if completely intoxicated. Through about a 20 minute time frame his walking goes from like being intoxicated to as if he is just "tipsy". Horrible to relate this to being drunk but honestly it's the best way to portray the picture.

I become worried. I call his Dr. She says to bring him in the morning and she will check for a possible ear infection. A sigh of relief. This makes sense. Except he hasn't had a fever and isn't pulling at his ears BUT this could be what the problem is???

He goes back to bed.

In the am we are observing him and he seems to be off balance at times. We go to the Dr. apt. His ears are fine. She checks his coordination and reflexes. She tells me she wants me to head down to Children's Hospital so they can do further tests. She reassures me that it most likely is nothing but wants to make sure and she wouldn't be able to sleep that night if she didn't have further testing done.

I call Kev, he stayed home with Emma. He's now on his way to meet me because this is something we need to do as a family. He brings a list of things needed for our day away from home.

We drive to the hospital ....I mention to him how the Dr. said most likely everything was fine BUT I tell him, would she really have told me if something was really wrong? She wouldn't send me driving an hour away and tell me something was wrong. So then I start panicking. In the mean time updates are being posted on facebook and many are praying for our little guy and sending encouraging messages. I'm reminded God is in control.

We get to the hospital. I see the Ronald McDonald house and I think to myself that I will not be staying there. I will be going home with my son.

Check in. Tell the story of the episode. Tell the story again and again and again. Oh and again!

Wyatt's Dr. called ahead for us and she requested a CT Scan for him. We had to wait and wait.

They put him under. I had to hold him tight while they masked him. Horrible. I then had to kiss his sweet forehead and leave the room. Horrible. The nurses and Drs there were honestly angels! Explained everything, comforted us and loved our boy.

Wyatt went to recovery, we waited without him...horrible. They got me once he was starting to wake up. He opened his eyes, closed, opened and closed. Then opened and sat up. I held him. He was awake. Went back to our room at the hospital.

Results of CT Scan....clear! Praise God.

They were going to dismiss us because at that point the other options were MRI and/or Spinal tap and they felt those were not necessary at the time.

We were very happy to be released and Wyatt was VERY happy to get 2 Popsicles that he inhaled since he didn't eat ALL day! We were told to make a follow up Dr apt with his Dr.

We head on over to my sister's house. She wonderfully left work early and picked up Emma from the hospital. Huge blessing because as you can imagine hospitals aren't too fun for SUPER hungry and energetic 4 year olds!!! Emma got to go to McDonalds and swimming with her Auntie and cousin! Blast!

We get home late. Kids to bed.

Now it's Sunday. I'm analyzing Wyatt's every step! Kev did you see that? That? He did.

Kev and Emma go to his Mom's for a Labor day BBQ. Wyatt and I stay home. We are exhausted. We nap and play and I analyze every step.

Monday. We continue to watch his walking. From all the observing we notice he tends to be more off balance then before the episode. He tends to be more clumsy, either falling more or running into things more. He is only 14.5 months old...those things can be normal BUT they have increased since the episode.

Follow up Dr apt. Wed. Dr orders blood work and an apt with the Neurologist. We go to another office Wyatt gives blood. Big boy. Again mama holds the poor boy tight while he gives blood.

We had an incident when the office was scheduling the neurology apt. They call me and tell me we no longer have his Dr. The Dr. we just saw, we've seen throughout this whole thing, the Dr I adore and think is AMAZiNG!!! I'm panicking, freaking out!!! They tell me the insurance company just switched Drs on us and we possibly won't be able to switch back?!?!?

I'm praying and on HOLD for 25 LONG mins with the insurance company. Finally I was given another Angel today and she took care of everything and we have our AMAZING Dr back!!!

With this little hiccup it put scheduling the Neurology apt behind a little. So now we either will see a Neurologist Thursday (today) or Monday.

It's been crazy. Besides all that was explained above Wyatt is completely acting normal. Being his normal crazy, cute self!

We have received and are receiving so much prayer. I totally feel God working....I have an unexplainable peace. Besides my couple freak out moments, I really have felt peace.

Wyatt's Dr is very proactive which I love and I think she really wants to rule things out and take every precaution making sure he is our healthy little boy!! I am SO thankful for this because the Drs we have had in the past would have done nothing. It's how they roll :)

Since I have had to tell about this incident So many times I thought I would write it out.

We go through hurdles in life to bring us back to the feet of Jesus. To remember what is really important about this life we live here on earth and that is Jesus. To be humbled. To remember we have NO control of our lives, our day, our children and our health. God is the one in complete control. His plan, his perfect plan. He brings people together. People pray out to him for the same being, one they may know so well and to some, may have never met.

Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your encouraging words. Thank him for answering prayers. Thank him for sending his son to die for us. Thank him for his forgiveness.

***I will post updates on here and mostly on Facebook.

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

4th of July Sangria

Patriotic Toes! This is how she told me she wanted them.

4th of July Sangria

-White zinfandel
-Splash of sprite...any clear soda will do
-Splash of pomegranate syrup
-Fresh Blueberries and Raspberries
-Strawberry on the rim

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Out watering the plants Emma randomly asks me...

Emma- do people die?
Me- yes.
Emma- do doggies?
Me- yes.
Emma- do cats?
Me- yes.
Emma- do plants?
Me- yes.
Emma- do woodchips?(remember we are out watering the plants)
Me- well they are already dead?
Emma- mommy remember my voice died at the pool.
Me- ya sorta well u kinda lost ur voice.
Emma- ya I lost it in the pool. But it's back it didn't die.
Me- so when people die, where do they go?
Emma- they go to see God. (wow maybe I have taught her something about salvation?)
Me- yes remember if you believe Jesus died for your sins, your bad choices you will go to Heaven when you die.

Maybe 3 minutes go by...

Emma- mommy am I gonna die? (uhhhh don't think any parent wants to hear this question)
Me- yes, well someday when your very old (ohhh that is my prayer!)
Emma- I don't wanna DIE!!!
Me- well honey you will be old and you get to go sing and dance with Jesus!
Emma- mommy are you gonna die? ( should have known the conversation was gonna go here)
Me- yes. Someday when I'm very old ( oh I pray!)
Emma- NOOO I don't want you to die!!!!!!!! Mommy! Is Wyatt gonna DIE???? Oh I don't want bubbies to die!!!!
Me- (oh man!)

Here are some pics...
Wyatt enjoying his nanas, his lagoon floaty, my lil stunt man, my beautiful Emma!

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

11 Months...

Wyatt Stone...

He is 11 Months old today. Which means 1 Month till my baby is 1. I can NOT believe how fast the time has gone by! I miss my infant, my baby. But it is sure fun seeing him grow and develop such a fun personality.

Wyatt is....

-Saying ba-ba
-Finding things you ask him to get...where's the cow, dog, ba-ba
-got his FIRST hair cut, he looks so grown up!
- walking along EVERYthing!
-when he hears music he will dance and sing
-eating big boy food
-has 6 teeth...4 on top and 2 on bottom
-loves water, loves the Lagoon and Splash Park
-loves playing with his sister

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

What's new you ask?

It's been awhile...I know.  I try to stay on top of the blogging thing BUT I always seem to not.  So life these days have been completely overwhelming, stressful and so much more I honestly don't even know the words to describe.  My husband is a Landscape contractor, owns his own Landscaping business.  He has been in business for 5 years now.  The business has seen many ups and downs. NEVER have we seen the down that we are currently in. It is shaking us to our core.  Making us cling to Christ because really that is ALL we have to cling onto. There is a possibility he may lose the business, an even GREATER possibility we are going to lose MANY things BUT we have eachother, our babies, support from friends and family AND most of all Christ!  That is where I am today...actually positive. 

Well besides all that....Wyatt is 10.5 months!  He is into EVERYTHING!!  Moving everywhere!  Such a big boy!!  Emma is growing up into a little girl more and more everyday!  Emma is LOVING preschool and she showed me recently how she knows how to write her name!  Such a big girl!  We have been enjoying the sunshine and playing in the water. 

I have been trying my very best to walk 7.5 miles 5 days a week!  I was doing pretty good BUT this last week I only made it out 1 time.  The walking has been AMAZING. 

OH and I took up coffee! 

Well that's all for now.  Hopefully I will be updating sooner then later!
Emma is pushing him and he is LOVING it! Pure joy on his face!!
                      He is actually taking Emma for a ride here!  They are hilarious! 

Monday, April 19, 2010

10 Months...How can this be?

Wyatt Stone...

pulling himself up to standing
walking/running in his walker
waves Hi
finds his cow toy if you ask him "where's the cow", says moo
drinks from sippy cup
has 5 teeth, 6th tooth on its way
gets into EVERYTHING
dances when he hears music
says....mama, dada, e-maaaa, moo, hiiiii, mom
loves bath time
STILL sucks his bottom lip
loves books and his toys

Happy 10 Months Baby boy (I'm a day late)

Monday, April 5, 2010

4 Things...

1. Opening Day....GO Angels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Baseball Season is HERE!!!!  We have free tickets for the Wednesday game and I'm SO excited!!!!

2. in 4 days....YES in 4 days I leave for an ADULT no kiddos weekend...I'm SO excited!!!

3.  My baby boy LOST his FIRST best friend!  I'm SO SO sad.  His best friend was about 4 inches tall and his name was Mr. Bear. Wyatt attached himself to Mr. Bear.  He would hold Mr. Bear and instantly start sucking his bottom lip while rubbing Mr. Bear onto his upper lip.  Anyways he is LOST and won't be found. My boy was VERY sad and had a hard time going to sleep last nite. FINALLY he curled up and went to Zzzz land.  He was attached, I was attached. TEAR!!! 

4. LASTLY....Not too sure how I feel about this one....I'm 29 today. It's my party and I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want to....29....Really?  Yikes.  I think 29 is harder then turning 30.  But I am blessed to be healthy and have a beautiful and healthy family. So there ya go!  Oh and my birthday request was NO diapers, no butt wiping, no bottles and no sippy cups....hmmmm I've done a couple of those already BUT definitely have gotten out of  MANY of them today so Thank U Kev!!!  I'm taking FULL advantage of turning 29 today....ALL day till 11:59pm!!! 

Happy Monday.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Just ordered these for Mr. Wyatt!  I researched and researched when he was still in the belly and was gonna do it...then I went the easy, fill up the land fills way and I stuck with good ol pampers!  He is now 9 months old and no better time then the present!!  I'm very excited about this.  I've started off small. 3 covers and 6 liners. We will start with using the land fill fillers while we are out or if grama is watching him.  I will let you know how they go!  It's a HUGE savings!!!  Emma was in diapers till 2.5 and pull-ups from 2.5-3.  So if he is like his sister and isn't potty-trained till 3....well I have a little over 2 years of DIAPER money savings and it's ECO-friendly!!

Also I'm making this absolutely yummy delicious goodness tonite for bible study!!!  Stumbled onto it while finding Kimmie's blog!  You will LOVE this girl, stop by and say hi and check out the yummy goodness!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Vegas Baby...

Couldn't be here any sooner! We leave in about 2 weeks to Vegas! Going to celebrate a friend's 30th birthday! Really an excuse for us and some great friends to escape "parenthood" for the weekend!

This will be the first time leaving Wyatt for 2 nights! We've gone on a couple overnights without him. Emma will be having a blast at Granny's and Wyatt will be keeping Grama very busy...since he is crawling ALL over the place now!!!

Very excited for our adult road trip! Won't be getting much rest... well maybe poolside!

Here are my NEW heals that I am SO excited to wear for Vegas!!!! Aren't they just Hotter then HOT!!!

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Little preview...

The birthday week is over, laptop is in and just has to be picked up, catching up on laundry and having a lil photo session with an absolute bundle of sweet goodness tomorrow!!

Had to leave u with some pictures. Nighty Nite ALL!
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Monday, March 22, 2010


I will be gone for the week! My little Miss Emma turns 4 tomorrow! We are having a week of birthday festivities! ALSO my laptop decided to die on me SO it was shipped out and I should be getting it back in a week or two!!! Terrible BUT actually a blessing. Without it here...well I simply can't get on it. Once I get it back I will update with Wyatt's 9 month status and ALL of Emma's birthday festivities!
Hope everyone is enjoying the SUNSHINE!
Wyatt's NEW trick...

How little Miss picks out her clothes...

Preview of a mini session I did with Miss Kaseya Daisy...

Proud Mama...

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How to Get to Disneyland...

OR shall I say How NOT to get to Disneyland...

1. First you take over an hour packing up the kids and ALL items needed for Baby and  Girl.

2. Load everyone up in the car.

3. Make a stop on the way for Husband/Daddy to take care of a Business Meeting.

4. Meeting goes longer then expected, you drive around for 2hrs.

5. While driving around, trying to entertain Baby and Girl you stumble onto a photo-op (see post below)

6. You and Girl have to pee, BAD. You stop at a store, Girl pees and you manage to pee while holding Baby. Girl holds Baby ALL on her OWN while u button pants. Baby wasn't dropped and pants are buttoned. Hands washed!

7. All back in car and pick up Husband/Daddy

8. Quick stop at the bank for Husband/Daddy.

9. Quick stop at the bank turns into LONG stop.  While backing up to NOW finally get to look in your rear view mirrors and start reversing.  All of a sudden you hear Husband/Daddy saying STOP, STOP! AND then a crunch!!  Oh just backed into a car. NOW your back up motion sensors are beeping at you. Thank you kindly motion sensors...the CRUNCH was enough to let me know I hit a car!

10. Praise God, Husband/Daddy is with you cause he gets to deal with all the exchanging of insurances, etc.  While you sit in car frustrated and just wanting to get to DISNEYLAND!!

11. Girl says, Mommy are you mad at Daddy or are you mad at yourself?  You kindly tell her you are mad at yourself and PLEASE be quiet!!!

12. You finally get to your destination of Disneyland.  You have fun on a few rides, eat dinner, deal with emotional Girl, happy Baby and hit the road!

Enjoy the pictures...



**It's a Small World After All**

**In line for Dumbo, Baby's First time on Dumbo**

**This is how we roll**

**This is Baby transferring puffs from one cupholder to the other**

God's Beauty and a Camera...