Monday, January 18, 2010

It's raining, it's little man is snoring!!

AND he is 7 MONTHS today!!!!

Happy 7 Months Wyatt.

You light up our world.
You have your first tooth...bottom left. Bottom right is super swollen and ouchie.
You sleep until between 430-530am, have a bottle and back to sleep till 730-830.
You have SO much personality.
You LOVE and ADORE your sister, she makes you laugh like no other can.
YOU squeal really LOUD.
You are drinking bottles and eating stage 2 baby food. You have your 1st sippy cup.
You LOVE to jump in your jumper, you get SO excited when Mommy cheers for you.
You are Daddy's Boy. Daddy holds you just right.
You give Daddy huge smiles after he comes home from a long day of work.
You LOVE to chew and drool on your toys.
You are easy going but you aren't afraid to tell us how you feel.
You are getting strong abs and starting to sit up more and more.
You enjoy tummy time more.
You are not crawling and Mommy is totally fine with that.
You LOVE sitting in the shopping cart like a big boy now. Also the stroller.

YOU are SO very LOVED. MY words can not express the LOVE that I have for you. The way YOU touch my heart is like NO other. THOSE eyes and smile. I LOVE you Wyatt Stone.

Happy 7 Months it has been!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

"Baby Girl"

Baby Girl ....

It's always exciting to hear someone is pregnant. You can't help but get a big grin on your face!!  My very good friend Tracy and her husband Paul are expecting a baby girl in the beginning of February.  Their story is not just exciting but a total miracle and blessing!  A little piece of their story includes trying for 8 years to get pregnant, 2 miscarriages, adopting a Beautiful baby girl from China in 2006, adopting a Handsome little man from a birth mom in 2008 and becoming pregnant with a baby girl in 2009, due in 2010!! Of course they are, we ALL are very ecstatic for this HEALTHY pregnancy and HEALTHY baby girl. We can't wait to meet her. 

I was very lucky to do a photo shoot of the glowing mama...

Here is Tracy, Mandalay, Tre and Baby Girl...

Paul is Burmese and this Traditional Outfit Tracy is wearing is from Paul's Tribe, SO amazing...

LOVE the diversity in their family...

Every Mama expecting LOVES ice cream...

A few of my favorites...

She was a cheerleader and had to PROVE she's even got it with a BIG belly...

Thank you Tracy for letting me capture these photos of such an AMAZING time in your life.  I love you guys and can't wait to meet "Baby Girl"!  I pray for a safe, easy delivery and a beautiful, healthy baby girl!!!  Can't wait to meet her and take sweet photos of her!!

***Stay tuned to meet "Baby Girl"!!