Thursday, December 30, 2010

A New Year

Lately I've been thinking about New Year's Resolutions. Thinking of ALL the things I want for this year of 2011 and thinking of all the things I want to change. Then I question myself WHY??? Why do we make them? It's as if it's a magical date of January 1st in the new year and our life is gonna change from the year before.

Don't get me wrong I love lists and goals and having hope that things can be better, will be better and new. I reflect on this past year and all it was. A lot of heartache, struggle, loneliness, confusion, fear, stress, anxiety, sickness....I think you get the point. But in that same year there was joy, happiness, love, growth, maturity, faith, grace, family and health. Isn't that how every year is.

It's interesting how no matter what, every year will bring both. The good and the bad. The ups and the downs. The trials and triumphs. The hurt and the love. I wonder what this year will bring.

I do love the hope that the New Year gives us. A fresh start. I think it's the hope that we need, hope that motivates us. Hope that our finances will be restored, hope for that new job, hope for God's guidance in our lives, hope for children, for our marriages to be renewed, friendships to be made, friendships to be healed, hope to forgive and be forgiven, and hope to be healed and healthy.

So with all of that said I will make my New Year's Resolutions. I will find hope in this year to come. I will pray that in the times that are burdensome and not as planned, that God will carry me through as he has in years past. I will look forward to the new joys and adventures to come in 2011. I will close the door on the hurts, upsets and let downs of 2010 but bring the growth, maturity and lessons learned to 2011.

What do you hope for? What New Year's Resolutions do you have?

Happy 2011!!!

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