Friday, February 19, 2010

Neti Shmeti...

I finally did the Neti Pot!!! Told you I would let you all know when I did it!!! I even have proof!!! roots are horrible, hair appointment next week cause my girl is that good that she's BOOKed!!! My bathroom is a mess with meds cause we've been sickos!!! Ahhhhh glad I did it!!!

Oh and by the whole post about Wyatt being 8 months old TODAY.... Well actually I guess I missed a whole day of my life...thought TODAY was the 18th! Apparently that was yesterday! So folks my boy has been 8 months old for a WHOLE day already!!! :(

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Sick and Tired


It started with Emma getting an ear infection.  She had one over a month ago and I guess it came back.  She went on an antibiotic and then a few days later broke out in an itchy rash. Allergic reaction to the antibiotic. Back to the Dr.  I had gone to the Dr. a few days prior for myself. So far 3 times at the Dr. From being at the Dr. 3 times in 1 guessed it I caught something!  Nasty cold!  Sore throat. Fever. NOW nasty congestion. Lingering! Kevin came down with it a couple days after me. SAME. EXACT. THING.  Then wake up. Eye glued shut. GREAT. Back to the Dr. Conjunctivitus. If you don't know what that is...the eye is pink, red, goopy and contagious!  Now on eye drops. Emma finishing up her NEW antibiotic for her ear.  So needless to say I have been to the Dr. way more times then I would like.

I have had WAY too many germs in my bubble.  I am SO THANKFUL and PRAISING God....Wyatt is just dealing with teething. 

The sun was shining and the windows were opened allowing the fresh air in. It was energizing to the soul.  We've all been beat down and tossed around from being sick and from life.  We need health and we need the SUNshine.

Oh and from the massive equilibrium is off and I've been dizzy and off balance.  NOT fun!!  Also starting last night in my right ear when I talk, certain pitches sound really weird. I can't describe it. REALLY, really strange. Like Optimus Prime voice box sounding. Weird.

My friends keep saying to Netti pot.  I know I should. BUT I'm scared. Lame I know. ONE day I PROMISE I will. I will let you know when that day is!

Today is cloudy. Praying my spirits aren't. Happy Friday.

8 Months, How can this be?

Wyatt Stone...
He is 8 months old today.
No clue where the time has gone.
He is SO much fun and such a HAPPY boy.
He has his bottom 2 teeth.
His top Left is in and the Right is SUPER ouchie!
He currently will NOT take naps...cries then screams. Then Mommy gets him. (BLAME the teeth)
Sleeping through the night pretty consistantly.
Sitting up.
Loves playing on the floor with his toys.
Loves books.
Loves playtime with Emma but can get annoyed when she crowds him.
Eating stage 2 Earths Best and Organic puffs.
Not crawling. Fine by ME!!!
Kicks like crazy!
New thing is shaking his head as if he is saying no...but I don't think he is connecting the 2 yet.
Babbles...sometimes throws in a Da-Da.
Big SMILES, LOVES everyone.
Sucks his bottom lip.

***Will try to capture an 8 month picture of him today and post.