Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Out watering the plants Emma randomly asks me...

Emma- do people die?
Me- yes.
Emma- do doggies?
Me- yes.
Emma- do cats?
Me- yes.
Emma- do plants?
Me- yes.
Emma- do woodchips?(remember we are out watering the plants)
Me- well they are already dead?
Emma- mommy remember my voice died at the pool.
Me- ya sorta well u kinda lost ur voice.
Emma- ya I lost it in the pool. But it's back it didn't die.
Me- so when people die, where do they go?
Emma- they go to see God. (wow maybe I have taught her something about salvation?)
Me- yes remember if you believe Jesus died for your sins, your bad choices you will go to Heaven when you die.

Maybe 3 minutes go by...

Emma- mommy am I gonna die? (uhhhh don't think any parent wants to hear this question)
Me- yes, well someday when your very old (ohhh that is my prayer!)
Emma- I don't wanna DIE!!!
Me- well honey you will be old and you get to go sing and dance with Jesus!
Emma- mommy are you gonna die? ( should have known the conversation was gonna go here)
Me- yes. Someday when I'm very old ( oh I pray!)
Emma- NOOO I don't want you to die!!!!!!!! Mommy! Is Wyatt gonna DIE???? Oh I don't want bubbies to die!!!!
Me- (oh man!)

Here are some pics...
Wyatt enjoying his nanas, his lagoon floaty, my lil stunt man, my beautiful Emma!

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