Sunday, April 20, 2008

It's been too long...

Ok well Kevin just ran out to get Pinkberry with Emma...yummy! If you haven't tried Pinkberry, you must stop what you are doing right now and find the nearest one and try it!!! OMGosh it is the best thing ever! Anyways Kevin is out with Emma and so I have a free moment to finally get on this blog thing.

I have a lot to blog about. A lot has happened since my last entry. Emma is 2!!! She is officially and completely off the bottle. It has been about a month now. I think? It went a lot easier then I thought. She immediately became such a big girl after that. So we wrapped up all her bottles and gave them to Baby Chase. Baby Chase is her friend Landon's baby brother. We really threw them away, didn't think anyone wanted 2 year old bottles.

2 weeks after getting rid of all the bottles her Big Girl Bed was delivered. Wow that was another milestone. That was a little more difficult then the bottles. But she is doing amazing. We have our little routine. I rock her in her rocking chair and sing twinkle little star, Jesus loves me and then I pray. I lay her down in her bed and she is OUT!

The rocking is something new and I treasure it so much. Our days are always busy and it is so nice to take a few minutes before nap and bedtime and cozy with her. She is sooooo not the cozier, except in the rocking chair. Today before her nap while rocking she kept making funny faces at me and I couldn't stop laughing. She has got such a cute little personality. I thank God so much for giving me this time with her each day. Before I just wanted to put her right in bed so I could have MY time. God has given me these few minutes each day with her that I really needed and didn't even know it. She is growing so fast and I know one day she will be too big to rock.

Also our great friends just adopted a newborn baby boy from a birth mom. He was born on April 14th. He is such an amazing miracle and it has been such a blessing to see God orchestrate something so miraculous. Emma loves baby Tre and even had the opportunity to feed baby Tre his baba. Which his baba is the exact same type as her old ones. She was incredible!!! She was so proud of herself to be feeding the baby his baba! Here is a picture of Emma feeding Baby Tre with her little cake face. This was right after Tracy's baby shower, Tre came early so he was the guest of honor.

It seems that many of Emma's little friends have or are expecting new baby brothers. We asked Emma if she wants a baby brother and she said, "noooo." In a really cute voice. We've asked her many times and every time she gives us the same answer. She knows mommy isn't ready for any babies yet. Although daddy feels differently.