Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How to Get to Disneyland...

OR shall I say How NOT to get to Disneyland...

1. First you take over an hour packing up the kids and ALL items needed for Baby and  Girl.

2. Load everyone up in the car.

3. Make a stop on the way for Husband/Daddy to take care of a Business Meeting.

4. Meeting goes longer then expected, you drive around for 2hrs.

5. While driving around, trying to entertain Baby and Girl you stumble onto a photo-op (see post below)

6. You and Girl have to pee, BAD. You stop at a store, Girl pees and you manage to pee while holding Baby. Girl holds Baby ALL on her OWN while u button pants. Baby wasn't dropped and pants are buttoned. Hands washed!

7. All back in car and pick up Husband/Daddy

8. Quick stop at the bank for Husband/Daddy.

9. Quick stop at the bank turns into LONG stop.  While backing up to NOW finally get to look in your rear view mirrors and start reversing.  All of a sudden you hear Husband/Daddy saying STOP, STOP! AND then a crunch!!  Oh just backed into a car. NOW your back up motion sensors are beeping at you. Thank you kindly motion sensors...the CRUNCH was enough to let me know I hit a car!

10. Praise God, Husband/Daddy is with you cause he gets to deal with all the exchanging of insurances, etc.  While you sit in car frustrated and just wanting to get to DISNEYLAND!!

11. Girl says, Mommy are you mad at Daddy or are you mad at yourself?  You kindly tell her you are mad at yourself and PLEASE be quiet!!!

12. You finally get to your destination of Disneyland.  You have fun on a few rides, eat dinner, deal with emotional Girl, happy Baby and hit the road!

Enjoy the pictures...



**It's a Small World After All**

**In line for Dumbo, Baby's First time on Dumbo**

**This is how we roll**

**This is Baby transferring puffs from one cupholder to the other**

God's Beauty and a Camera...