Thursday, January 27, 2011

What I would tell the Jenn from before...

I would tell her..

The Tahoe will not make you more accepted, give you more friends, make life easier or give you status.

Your hair would look just as beautiful natural, find changes in something else. It is not the change you need to find beauty and happiness.

Your new outfit only hides the hurt today and tomorrow you will need something else.

Your kids will actually be better behaved with less.

Your kids may want all of you today...enjoy because one day they won't.

You will never find happiness nor fulfillment in things.

You will be able to stand if your things are stripped away.

You will learn life changing lessons and so will your children.

You will learn true friendships and true relationships.

Your marriage will be stronger when there are not things numbing and hiding the pain and true issues.

Your life will be for God's Kingdom.

Your heart will be renewed.

You will desire to no longer take the dollar for granted.

You will no longer buy your happiness.

Your happiness will come from Christ alone.

....I don't want to go back until my heart is changed. In order for my heart to be changed and for us to truly live out God's will, he has had to break us and continues to break us. My life will be different because happiness will come from a new place.

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