Saturday, May 8, 2010

What's new you ask?

It's been awhile...I know.  I try to stay on top of the blogging thing BUT I always seem to not.  So life these days have been completely overwhelming, stressful and so much more I honestly don't even know the words to describe.  My husband is a Landscape contractor, owns his own Landscaping business.  He has been in business for 5 years now.  The business has seen many ups and downs. NEVER have we seen the down that we are currently in. It is shaking us to our core.  Making us cling to Christ because really that is ALL we have to cling onto. There is a possibility he may lose the business, an even GREATER possibility we are going to lose MANY things BUT we have eachother, our babies, support from friends and family AND most of all Christ!  That is where I am today...actually positive. 

Well besides all that....Wyatt is 10.5 months!  He is into EVERYTHING!!  Moving everywhere!  Such a big boy!!  Emma is growing up into a little girl more and more everyday!  Emma is LOVING preschool and she showed me recently how she knows how to write her name!  Such a big girl!  We have been enjoying the sunshine and playing in the water. 

I have been trying my very best to walk 7.5 miles 5 days a week!  I was doing pretty good BUT this last week I only made it out 1 time.  The walking has been AMAZING. 

OH and I took up coffee! 

Well that's all for now.  Hopefully I will be updating sooner then later!
Emma is pushing him and he is LOVING it! Pure joy on his face!!
                      He is actually taking Emma for a ride here!  They are hilarious!