Friday, September 4, 2009

What's been on my MIND...

Well I've had a lot on my mind these past days. Anything ranging from Homeschooling, What's for Dinner to Immunizations. Mostly Immunizations. I'm at the start of my research. Emma is 3.5 and has had all her Immunizations, I really wasn't concerned... not sure why. But I always did PRAY! Now with Wyatt he is 2.5 months and he has had his birth and 2 months Immunizations, I was going to continue the same with him as I did with Emma. Until all around me there has been Immunizations talk, whether it be in the blog world, on a random sign while I'm driving and amongst friends.

I feel as if it's my duty, my JOB as the Mommy to my 2 beautiful kiddos to research this controversial topic of SHOTS! With the current research I have done, I'm just sick to my stomach.

I'm curious what ALL of you out there think. But please as this is VERY controversial whichever side you feel passionate about discuss in a compassionate manner.

Also if you don't know what you think or you just think what you think based on zero research, just trusting what your Dr. says or old research....please do your child a favor, yourself a favor and research.

If you need some websites feel free to email me and I can pass some along your way. If you have any websites you would like to share please do!!! From both sides, as I am mostly finding only websites on the CON side.....which also speaks volumes to me.

I found the above book online that I have purchased....can't wait to start reading it. I will let you know what I think. If you have already read this book I would love to hear your input. You can also go online to

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Join US for Dinner...

Wyatt's Signature GAP between his Big toe and other toes. Adorable!

2.5 Months old. Lights up my WORLD.

Emma "Decorating the Chair" as she called it.

Feeding her Bubz. They absolutely ADORE eachother.

Dinner is Served.
Thank you Trader Joes for always providing such wonderful and EASY meals. This is the YUMMY Roasted Vegetable and Multi grain Lasagna. SO yum! Would definitely like to have added a Salad and veggies to the meal...BUT I'm in desperate need of going to the grocery store! SO Veggie Lasagna...we got some veggies :)
What did you have for dinner last nite? How do you keep your kiddos occupied while making dinner?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

5 Things I Love...

5 Things I LOVE....
I saw this from someone's post and LOVED it...I'm going to attempt every Tuesday to post the 5 things I love. Here we go Tues #1. Check back next Tuesday to see 5 more things that I LOVE!

I LOVE the Angels!! Love going to games with friends and fam!

MAC Make up! Look at these eyeshadows! Too fun! I LOVE make up and I LOVE Mac!!

Currently I LOVE margaritas! I craved them while I was pregnant....of course didn't drink one!! Not sure why I craved them? I really craved limes when I was pregnant also! But now I LOVE to enjoy a margarita here and there!

Oh my I love Big Brother on's on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday nites!! My husband and I absolutely LOVE this show and enjoy watching it together! If you haven't watched a season of this show.....I SO recommend it!!!

I love Rainbows! The are super comfortable and last seriously forever! I have the tan wide strap and black thin strap! My husband wears them and I can't wait till next summer when my little girl will get her very first pair! Her feet will finally be big enough (she's 3)! I think my next Rainbow purchase will be some pink ones!!! Every girl needs a pink pair of Rainbows!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

photobucket or picasa...that is the question?


Shots from our fun little Photo Shoot...

Emma 3.5 Wyatt 2.5 months= Proud Mommy


We had fun. I'm still learning a lot about my camera, editing...etc.

Every little girl should own a TUTU!

I enjoyed playing around with my camera with my baby neice. Of course we had to involve tutu's! I'm currently practicing getting my photos into collages. Having some difficulty with Picasa. My problem is....the photo getting cut off. If you have any suggestions please let me know.
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