Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dirty Feet and Tutu LOVE...

My little Emma. These pictures say it all. They describe my Emma these days. Spicy, dirty feet, beautiful, emotional, strong willed, princess, creative, imaginative, unique and absolutely Mama's girl. Even though we have many difficult days or many difficult times during the day...these days. I love this girl and pray that God uses her in MIGHTY ways! I pray he uses her strong willed and spicy personality to do many beautiful and creative things when she grows up. That is my prayer. Emma Rose, you are LOVED by so many.

These days....
~She wants to be Ariel for Halloween
~She told me yesterday as we were walking out of a store..."Mommy when I get bigger can I get married?" "When I get bigger can I marry Colin?" (she's a little too into being bigger).
~She loves her Bubz (baby Wyatt)
~Loves tutus, dress ups, make-up and lip gloss
~Has her very OWN style
~Loves singing
~Remembers everything and absorbs everything....sometimes NOT good.
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Monday, August 24, 2009

The Face says it ALL....

Done with Tummy time.

Relaxing...almost falling asleep.

Smiles for Mommy
Should I fall asleep or get MAD?
He got mad....the pictures are out of order....the first picture was really the last one.
2 month Dr. apt went great!
He's our little long lean string BEAN!
He is 9lbs 11oz and 23in long.


We had a fun Disneyland trip planned...with sister, bubs, daddy and I. Long story short...the trip didn't happen. Sister decided to be SUPER spicy! Her consequence was NO Disneyland. We will be attempting again this week. I told daddy good thing bubs is only a baby and doesn't know we aren't going.
It brought up a good discussion between daddy and I. We discussed how as our little ones grow up...if one is unable to do something, because of being SPICY ...we will not make the other suffer. Example...If bubs was older (knew we were going to disneyland) daddy would have still taken bubs and spicy sister would have stayed home with me.
What's your opinion, what do you do in your household?

What's for DINNER?

Here we have Daddy plate, Mama plate, and Sister plate...Can you tell which belongs to Who?
Thank you Trader Joes for Teriyaki chicken, Sweet potato fries and yummy Veggies!

Well if you know me....I'm SO not the cooking type! I get inspired at times BUT it never lasts very long. I don't know why, I really just don't enjoy any part of cooking. The planning, preparation, actual cooking and then clean up. Nope no fun. But obviously we MUST eat. So I really like places like Trader Joes. Easy meals! YES please! So here is what we had for dinner. I enjoyed taking the pictures of our dinner MORE then anything. Hmmm....maybe I should start cooking, then I can take pics! LOL.