Wednesday, February 6, 2008

February Already?

Well it is February which means March is on it's way. I can't believe my little Emma is going to be 2 next month. Now I'm to the point where I pretty much call her a 2 year old. That is just so weird to me. She is growing like crazy, talking up a storm and becoming such a "little girl"! She still has her bottle, I just can't break her from it. It's like a pacifier to her! I know I'm the MOM and I need to take charge and just "do it"!! I can't!! If you know Emma you know she is just so strong willed and she has been since day 1. I HAVE to do it though, she can't go to kindergarten with a bottle in her mouth!! The reality is once the bottle is gone, she pees in the potty and sleeps in a bed then my little Emma will truly be a little girl!! Where did my baby go?

Lately her favorite things have been...

-Washing the dishes and cleaning. We pull up a stool to the kitchen sink and she washes away. She is obsessed! She tells me, "Mommy wash, mommy water!!"

-She constantly tells me, "Nigh Nights turn or Nigh Night poo poo". Nigh Night is her little Elephant blankie that is her LOVEY!! Everything Emma does Nigh Night has to have a turn. Turn for lotion, turn to brush teeth, turn for apple juice, turn for diaper change.....I tell her Emma we have to PRETEND....Nigh Nights and lotion and apple juice ALL over ....doesn't equal a good thing. Especially since it is a screaming tantrum when Nigh Nights has to get a bath in the laundry machine!! I guess Nigh Nights can have a turn at everything EXCEPT for a bath!!

-She loves singing, dancing and counting to 10! I am amazed at how she soaks everything in!! If I start singing a song she just chimes right in with me.

-She loves Strawberry shakes! She says, "mmm, shake". We go to In-n-Out about once a week and this is her treat for the car ride home. Sometimes we take an extra long car ride and she is so good because she has her shake. Usually this is one of the times she HAS to have a bottle (in the car). The car and Emma don't mix well without a bottle. Except now we have discovered "Strawberry shakes". Hmmmm maybe I can replace the bottle with a shake? Probably not a good idea...haha!

-She loves doing new things that Big girls do. Drinking out of a cup (non-sippy) for example (which equals huge mess!!) She tells me, "Mommy big grr, big grr"! I bought her a cute Big girl Dora sippy cup, she has MANY sippy cups but I thought this one would be a SPECIAL big girl sippy cup for Milk to replace the BABA! Hmm, not so much! She just tells me, "Mommy, Dora big grr". She won't drink milk out of it! She takes a drink and then says, "ALL DONE".

Well she isn't 2 yet, so pray I get this bottle thing taken care of by then. My goal was the bottles were going to be gone as of January 1st, well you see how well that didn't work out!!