Monday, April 5, 2010

4 Things...

1. Opening Day....GO Angels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Baseball Season is HERE!!!!  We have free tickets for the Wednesday game and I'm SO excited!!!!

2. in 4 days....YES in 4 days I leave for an ADULT no kiddos weekend...I'm SO excited!!!

3.  My baby boy LOST his FIRST best friend!  I'm SO SO sad.  His best friend was about 4 inches tall and his name was Mr. Bear. Wyatt attached himself to Mr. Bear.  He would hold Mr. Bear and instantly start sucking his bottom lip while rubbing Mr. Bear onto his upper lip.  Anyways he is LOST and won't be found. My boy was VERY sad and had a hard time going to sleep last nite. FINALLY he curled up and went to Zzzz land.  He was attached, I was attached. TEAR!!! 

4. LASTLY....Not too sure how I feel about this one....I'm 29 today. It's my party and I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want to....29....Really?  Yikes.  I think 29 is harder then turning 30.  But I am blessed to be healthy and have a beautiful and healthy family. So there ya go!  Oh and my birthday request was NO diapers, no butt wiping, no bottles and no sippy cups....hmmmm I've done a couple of those already BUT definitely have gotten out of  MANY of them today so Thank U Kev!!!  I'm taking FULL advantage of turning 29 today....ALL day till 11:59pm!!! 

Happy Monday.