Thursday, August 14, 2008

Angels Game!!!

Tarra and I

The dads

My beautiful little ANGEL

Silly girls...Emma's face is priceless!

Yummy drink

Me and My Girl

Mommys with our girls!

Ok well before I start with our Angels game fun and drama, I will begin by telling you.....emma is not potty!!!

I gave up...I'm weak!!! On Wednesday we went back to diapers. I decided along with some advice from others that Emma probably isn't ready yet and it's not worth all the frustration that we went through on Tuesday. Kinda like....choose your battles. So Tuesday Emma peed in panties alllllll day long! Only went in toilet in morning twice. Rest of day in panties. So she clearly isn't ready and we will try again in a month, or two or three...haha!

Ok on to the Angels game.....last minute we (Kevin, myself, John and Tarra) decided to go to an Angels game. We decided at about 5:40pm and the game started at 7:05 and let's remember we live out in the 951 so we had to drive and all get ready for the game. Ok so we made it to the game and we had a blast at the game which you will be able to see by the pics posted. We decided to go to Denny's after the game for some yummy food. Then the adventure all began on the way home. Let's remember we have 3 kids in the car with us. Well Emma, Tyler and myself are out. Kenzie is hanging out watching Happy Feet.

I wake up to find out that we ran OUT of gas!!!! We are on the 15 seriously almost home between two exits. The exit ahead has a gas station but well it was about 2 miles away which we later find out.

So we are thinking this is ok, we have Onstar....good ol Onstar, this is what Onstar is for right?? Haha, not exactly. After about 2o or 30 mins go by we find out it is going to take 2 hours for anyone to get to us with gas. Let me remind you it is almost midnite at this time. My wonderful husband thinks it is a GREAT idea to walk to the gas station. So him and John start walking.....and walking...and Tarra and I are in the car....HOT car. Emma and Tyler ...remember at one point were sleeping nicely. Well my little Emma wakes up screaming! Of course, which then wakes up Tyler and upsets him (although he was really good) Emma not so much. Who could really blame them, I wanted to scream and cry. I refrained though.

So it gets better, Highway Patrol pulls up behind us and I'm thinking ....Praise GOD!!! We tell them what is going on....they tell us they will go pick up our husbands and call AAA. I have AAA but I didn't have my card on me....note to self, you can still use AAA even if you don't have card on you. Although it is quite a pain as you will later find out!

In the meantime Kevin calls a really good friend of ours Paul, to see if he can bring us gas because they realize the gas station is farther then they thought and it is taking them forever to get there. So kindly Paul agrees....remember it is now after midnite! I then call kevin and tell him highway patrol is on their way to pick you guys up and AAA is on their way.

Now Kevin and John are back to the crying, screaming, sweating and not happy! The guys inform us that they were just frisked (standard procedure, I guess). We got a big laugh out of that! Wish we had pictures! We waited AAA came and then it took forever to get everything cleared with not having my card AND then ......not to self.....always carry cash on you! We had to pay $10 cash for the gas, which AAA guy didn't even have with him. We had $8 cash, not enough. So Kevin went with AAA guy to gas station to get cash and to get gas. Ughhhhh, I seriously didn't think the nite would EVER end!!! It did. Finally we had gas!!! Finally we pulled onto our street!! And Finally all our kiddos were in bed!!! Ahhhh my pillow never felt so good.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day 2...

Day 2 of potty training and I want to give up....why?????? Diapers are way easier!!! I have a little puppy and her name is Emma! Seriously! So I'm hoping and praying the week gets better!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Where do I even begin??

Ok so here are some pics from this summer and they are not in order.

VBS 2008...

Mandalay and Kenzie with Emma.....her two greatest friends!

My beautiful one...pondering life

Tracy and I...Tracy as a brunette :)

Tracy and her Assistants! (gotta love the tan legs)

My dancing Queen!!!

She is getting so big!

Deb, Tracy and I

Christina and I

Pool Day at Kenzie's house!

SEX and the CITY!!!!

Emma's first baseball game....GO ANGELS!!!

Emma putting on a fashion show in Marshalls...haha

Shopping with Mommy and Auntie....Auntie taught her how to put eyeshadow on...thanks sister!!

Emma being silly!

Angels game with Kev, Andrea, Travis and my little sis Jackie! (we took Jackie while she was out visiting!)


Formal Nite on Cruise

Andrea Prego! 8 Weeks

Me and My sisters! Love you girls!

This summer has gone by soooo quickly! I can't believe it is already August! We have officially began the potty training. I feel like I am cleaning up after a puppy. Although I am so proud of Emma. She went poopoo twice in the big potty today and peed twice in the potty. We also had 4 potty accidents all within about an hour. Yikes!!! We wrapped up her diapers and gave them to Tyler...he is our good friend's son. Emma was so excited to give them to Tyler! So all in all the first official day of potty training went pretty well!

This summer we have been busy with going to Az to visit my dad and family there. We brought my little sister home with us and had a fun time here with her. My dad and stepmom came out here for the 4th of July and we celebrated at Sea World. They then watched Emma while Kevin and I went on a 5 day cruise to Baja Mexico. We went with my sister Andrea and her husband Travis. We are so thankful to my dad and stepmom who watched Emma from Mon-thurs and then to my mom who watched Emma thurs-Sat. They all made it possible for us to go on the cruise and know that our little one was in good hands! Thanks so much Dad, Yvonne and Mom!!!

We found out that my sister Andrea is PREGGERS!!!! We are sooo excited! Andrea is due Feburary 28th. Emma and I have been hanging out with Andrea almost every week which has been awesome! We have also been spending a lot of time at the Lagoon in our neighborhood with all our amazing friends from church!

At the end of July our church put on VBS and it was an amazing time sharing God's love with the kids of Lake Elsinore. Kevin and I took Emma to the Orange County fair and had a blast watching her in the petting zoo, ride a pony and go on a roller coaster with Mommy! That evening we took Emma to hang out with Grandma, Auntie Mynett and her cousins! She had a great time while Kev and I went to a Mercy Me concert with Kev's mom, brother and brother's girlfriend.

We are now into August and I just can't believe summer is almost over! Emma was able to go to her Grandma's house in Orange County and spend two nights!! Emma was soooo excited. She helped Mommy pack her suitcase and she just could not stop talking about it! She had a great time with her Grandma and Uncles!

Now we are into the potty training...

To be continued!

Here are some pics to enjoy of our summer.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

It's been too long...

Ok well Kevin just ran out to get Pinkberry with Emma...yummy! If you haven't tried Pinkberry, you must stop what you are doing right now and find the nearest one and try it!!! OMGosh it is the best thing ever! Anyways Kevin is out with Emma and so I have a free moment to finally get on this blog thing.

I have a lot to blog about. A lot has happened since my last entry. Emma is 2!!! She is officially and completely off the bottle. It has been about a month now. I think? It went a lot easier then I thought. She immediately became such a big girl after that. So we wrapped up all her bottles and gave them to Baby Chase. Baby Chase is her friend Landon's baby brother. We really threw them away, didn't think anyone wanted 2 year old bottles.

2 weeks after getting rid of all the bottles her Big Girl Bed was delivered. Wow that was another milestone. That was a little more difficult then the bottles. But she is doing amazing. We have our little routine. I rock her in her rocking chair and sing twinkle little star, Jesus loves me and then I pray. I lay her down in her bed and she is OUT!

The rocking is something new and I treasure it so much. Our days are always busy and it is so nice to take a few minutes before nap and bedtime and cozy with her. She is sooooo not the cozier, except in the rocking chair. Today before her nap while rocking she kept making funny faces at me and I couldn't stop laughing. She has got such a cute little personality. I thank God so much for giving me this time with her each day. Before I just wanted to put her right in bed so I could have MY time. God has given me these few minutes each day with her that I really needed and didn't even know it. She is growing so fast and I know one day she will be too big to rock.

Also our great friends just adopted a newborn baby boy from a birth mom. He was born on April 14th. He is such an amazing miracle and it has been such a blessing to see God orchestrate something so miraculous. Emma loves baby Tre and even had the opportunity to feed baby Tre his baba. Which his baba is the exact same type as her old ones. She was incredible!!! She was so proud of herself to be feeding the baby his baba! Here is a picture of Emma feeding Baby Tre with her little cake face. This was right after Tracy's baby shower, Tre came early so he was the guest of honor.

It seems that many of Emma's little friends have or are expecting new baby brothers. We asked Emma if she wants a baby brother and she said, "noooo." In a really cute voice. We've asked her many times and every time she gives us the same answer. She knows mommy isn't ready for any babies yet. Although daddy feels differently.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

February Already?

Well it is February which means March is on it's way. I can't believe my little Emma is going to be 2 next month. Now I'm to the point where I pretty much call her a 2 year old. That is just so weird to me. She is growing like crazy, talking up a storm and becoming such a "little girl"! She still has her bottle, I just can't break her from it. It's like a pacifier to her! I know I'm the MOM and I need to take charge and just "do it"!! I can't!! If you know Emma you know she is just so strong willed and she has been since day 1. I HAVE to do it though, she can't go to kindergarten with a bottle in her mouth!! The reality is once the bottle is gone, she pees in the potty and sleeps in a bed then my little Emma will truly be a little girl!! Where did my baby go?

Lately her favorite things have been...

-Washing the dishes and cleaning. We pull up a stool to the kitchen sink and she washes away. She is obsessed! She tells me, "Mommy wash, mommy water!!"

-She constantly tells me, "Nigh Nights turn or Nigh Night poo poo". Nigh Night is her little Elephant blankie that is her LOVEY!! Everything Emma does Nigh Night has to have a turn. Turn for lotion, turn to brush teeth, turn for apple juice, turn for diaper change.....I tell her Emma we have to PRETEND....Nigh Nights and lotion and apple juice ALL over ....doesn't equal a good thing. Especially since it is a screaming tantrum when Nigh Nights has to get a bath in the laundry machine!! I guess Nigh Nights can have a turn at everything EXCEPT for a bath!!

-She loves singing, dancing and counting to 10! I am amazed at how she soaks everything in!! If I start singing a song she just chimes right in with me.

-She loves Strawberry shakes! She says, "mmm, shake". We go to In-n-Out about once a week and this is her treat for the car ride home. Sometimes we take an extra long car ride and she is so good because she has her shake. Usually this is one of the times she HAS to have a bottle (in the car). The car and Emma don't mix well without a bottle. Except now we have discovered "Strawberry shakes". Hmmmm maybe I can replace the bottle with a shake? Probably not a good idea...haha!

-She loves doing new things that Big girls do. Drinking out of a cup (non-sippy) for example (which equals huge mess!!) She tells me, "Mommy big grr, big grr"! I bought her a cute Big girl Dora sippy cup, she has MANY sippy cups but I thought this one would be a SPECIAL big girl sippy cup for Milk to replace the BABA! Hmm, not so much! She just tells me, "Mommy, Dora big grr". She won't drink milk out of it! She takes a drink and then says, "ALL DONE".

Well she isn't 2 yet, so pray I get this bottle thing taken care of by then. My goal was the bottles were going to be gone as of January 1st, well you see how well that didn't work out!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

New Year and Can you believe it.....5 Years?

Well as you might know or maybe you don't.......Today 5 years ago I was walking down the aisle. Wow that is amazing. My first thought is.....we MADE it 5 years!!! Haha!!

Last night Kevin and I looked at our wedding pictures and pondered life a little. We looked at pictures and thought of the people that are still married, now divorced, now married, passed away, we still talk to, never talk to and pretty much just how much life has changed in 5 years. I must say life is good, actually life is Great. God is truly amazing.

Married 5 years and we have been blessed with Emma, Kevin's work is awesome (that's always a plus!!), We are serving and worshipping God at an amazing church, My mom has her OWN place (love you mom!!), We have amazing friends and family, and most of all we are all Healthy (to my knowledge).

One really special thing...I see my dad and that side of my family more then I ever thought I would and my relationship with my dad over the past 5 years has really transformed and grown (I love you dad, Yvonne and Jackie!!)

I love you Kevin and I look forward to taking on the next 5 years with you, thank you for being an amazing husband who realizes his faults and loves me for all mine. You are an amazing daddy who adores Emma and loves doing things with her that most dads don't or don't have the time to do. I love you for those things and many more.

So I wonder where the next 5 years will take us?

Thursday, January 3, 2008

So I Think I'm going to give Blogging a Try?

I'm going to give this whole blogging thing a try so that everyone who cares can check in from time to time and get an update on the King Family. I'm mostly excited to share all the new things Emma does!! She is growing up so fast and I want to be able to share it with family and friends, especially those that we don't get to see as often.

Well Happy New Year Everybody!!! 2008 .....Can you believe it? We are very excited for the New Year, excited to see what 2008 holds! We had a really awesome Christmas.....very busy!! I cooked my first Turkey on Christmas day....WOW that was an adventure! The turkey turned out wonderful....YEA ME!!! The week after Christmas my dad, stepmom and sister Jaclynn came out to stay with us for a few days. We had so much fun!!! We took Jaclynn to Build A Bear for her Christmas gift....Emma and Jaclynn built adorable bears!!! Emma warmed up to her "Gapa" on about the 2nd day and loved spending every minute with "Jackie"!!! She still mentions "Jackie"!

So, New Year's Eve and Day....not so fun for me. I was randomly sick with the flu!!! Fever, chills and nausea.....YUCK!!! Emma ended up staying with her Grandma for a couple nights and Kevin had a fun New Year's Eve with our close friends.

Emma is back from Grandma's house and wow she has a little temper. I was thinking to myself....Can it already be the terrible twos?? Well it's not....while she was screaming at one point with her mouth wide opened I noticed that her 2 year old molars are coming in....yea for me, not so much!!!! Teething= crying, tantruming, impatient, screaming, snotty nose, clingy toddler ...which then= very unhappy and irritated MOMMY!!! We will get through it.....we always do!!!

Oh ya....exciting news though....last night randomly Emma went PEEPEE in the Potty!!!! It was a fluke thing but it was sooo cool to see PEE in her little Potty!!! She sits on it all the time but never is there PEE in there when she gets up!!! Kevin and I were SO excited about it and we made a HUGE deal about it!!! We jumped around clapping and sang "Emma went PeePee in the Potty"!!

So like I said I will give this blogging thing a try and let you all get a glimpse at MY LIFE.