Thursday, March 26, 2009

29 weeks....almost out of my 20s!

29 weeks.....the stats
achy lower back
swollen feet and legs.....watching for preclampsia
pee way too many times during the nite
can't sleep at nite
room painted and molding up
furniture in the process of painting
wedding rings don't fit
feeling movement ALL the time....especially when my head hits the pillow :)
in love...didn't think it was possible to happen again
ready to be DONE

My 3 Year Old....

Well she is officially 3 and some cute little conversations she's been having with me include.....

We are doing the whole potty training thing...gotta get my BUTT in gear now that she is officially 3!!!! This is the 2nd time around. Tried when she was 2...didn't work out so well.

.....ME - Emma listen to your body, your body will tell you when you have to go peepee or poopoo on the potty.

Later in day...

Emma- My body tell me I go potty Mommy.
Me- Ok hurry get on the potty.
She gets on the potty and goes peeeee!!! Then she says, " Thank you body!!!"

When daddy got home later that day she was soooo excited to tell him that her body told her she had to go potty on the toilet!

So today.......
I had the wonderful Orange soda 1hr prego blood test. I take Emma with me and inform her that Mommy has to give blood. She totally knows what that means cause she has had to have her blood drawn 2 times in the past!

She asks me if she gets a sucker.....I say of course but what about Mommy I'm giving blood.

Sooooo. She sits on my lap while I give blood, WATCHES the whole thing (not me!) She informs me that it's ok. Then when I'm all done, she has her sucker and a Tinker Bell sticker.....she tells me I'm tough!! LOL. Good thing Mommy is tough! But I was SO very proud of her. We have been dealing with major tantrums and just complete disobeying. Today she made me SO proud!!

This evening we went to the mall to check out Old Navy and Children's Place to find some CHEAP flip flops for Emma. She has 1 pair that are wayyyyy too small and she insists on wearing them everyday! We got very Lucky and she got 3 pairs of new flip flops for 1o bucks!!! They will last her the whole summer....YEA!!! So anyways for the funny convo we had....I take her to the bathroom which has a children's potty....sooooo nice!!! She goes POOP. Yea! But while she is sitting there pooping she goes on to tell me.....

Emma- mommy if you have to go poopoo you can run and hurry really fast to the toilet so you don't go in your panties.

Me- trying not to laugh ....I tell her, Mommy NEVER goes in her panties I always go in the toilet.

So if you see me RUNNING to the bathroom, now you know why!!! Great tips from a 3 year old!

You just gotta LOVE the things they come up with! She is absolutely adorable and although MANY days are very trying with her, I am so very blessed!