Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The WINNING Photo!

Today Tracy, Tarra and I.....and our kiddos went to Tom's Farms for a picnic. We had a ton of fun and Tracy got to have FUN using her new camera she got!!! Tracy has a passion for photography and has AMAZING talent! There were SO many amazing pics but here are a FEW that I LOVE and my WINNING choice! She truly captures God's beauty!

Is it REALLY March of 2009?

Ok, so you know me.....I'm terrible at keeping up with this blogging thing. I love looking at other peoples blogs but I have a difficult time with MY blog!! Well here we go again....


Emma turns 3, yes 3!!! On MONDAY!
She's still not potty trained
She is a TOTAL girly girl! Loves dress-ups, make-up and LIP GLOSS!
Loves to Dance!
Very Strong say it positively :)

I am Pregnant! We are having a BOY.....Wyatt Stone.
I'm in my 3rd trimester
28 wks on thursday
Due June 11th

Here is what our St. Patrick's Day looked like......

My little sister Jackie is on Spring break and staying with us for the week from AZ. Today was her birthday and here is a Photo Diary of her special day!

(So I haven't figured out how to put the pictures in the day is completely out of order!)

Emma and Jackie making Birthday Cupcakes

Jackie Enjoying her lunch of choice...PB&J

Emma enjoying Strawberries for breakfast

Jackie enjoying Toast with GREEN sugar.

Jackie at the end of her Birthday with her CANDY and watching American Idol

Emma practicing blowing out her candle for her birthday that is this coming MONDAY!

Jackie blowing out her candle!

Happy Birthday TO you!


The platter of cupcakes

Jackie's birthday dinner of choice....spaghetti

I made Jackie coupons to use for her birthday....this was the Candy coupon

The Nail polish and Lip gloss coupon

Eating her cupcake she just frosted

Getting ready to eat her cupcake she just frosted

I gave Jackie a Mani/Pedi and of course Emma wanted one also....Yes my 3 year old has blue toes!!!! I must say they are soooo CUTE!!!