Friday, November 5, 2010


The Big 8

The other night Kev and I were talking about how our 8 year anniversary is coming up in January. We thought about what we could do and reminisced of things we have done the previous 7 years.
I started writing down each year and Kev was literally telling me the details of ALL 7 years!!! What a good hubby! I honestly couldn't remember!! Bad wife! Haha!
We noticed a trend of places we go or things we do. Every year except one (super pregnant with Emma and NO money) we have stayed the night away from home.

We have a little secret to our anniversary that I thought I would share with you...We make each year a BIG deal no matter what year it is. We don't do lavish gifts but we do like to stay the night away from home, do a nice dinner and then something fun! We celebrate that we have survived another year of marriage together! Marriage is work. We feel that in this world where the norm is divorce rather then Till death do we part, we make it a BIG deal. We don't celebrate with our kids or with others, just him and I and I and him. It is easy to get busy BUT every year we have truly celebrated our anniversary and made it a BIG deal. I look forward to the many more years with him and looking back in the little notebook with the details of all past anniversaries!!
Love you Kev!!
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JEN said...

YAY you blogged again!! Loved this post, good reminder on how to keep the love alive =)

Just Simply Live said...

so cute